African American Politics


Race has been a central issue in United States politics since the country's founding. From debates about the South's \peculiar institution" to the Civil Rights Movement to contemporary discussions about a post-racial America, political discourse in the United States has often revolved around issues of race. In this course, we will examine the major political issues, struggles, and ideologies of African Americans in order to better understand U.S. Politics. Topics will include early and contemporary African American political thought, racism and segregation, inequality, the politics of the Civil Rights Movement, African American participation in electoral politics, and other contemporary issues. By the end of this course, students should be able to: examine current events related to race through the lens of political science concepts; understand the historical causes of ongoing confl icts and debates related to race in the United States; understand the arguments made by Black political thinkers; read and apply political science literature to major questions in the field of race. Note: This course counts towards the undergraduate American Politics subfield.
Course Attributes: AS SSC; AS SC; EN S; FA SSC; AR SSC

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African American Politics
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