The Business of Elections


This course will focus on understanding the primary and presidential elections -- particularly the 2024 election -- through a multidisciplinary approach that primarily involves political science and business. Campaigns are start-ups that rely on strategy, branding, influencing consumers (voters), financing and other concepts to achieve the election of their candidate. At the same time, American politics is highly polarized, with voters who are increasingly hostile to listening to the other side. Given this context, how does a campaign succeed as an entrepreneurial venture? This course will allow students to compare and contrast how different candidates' policies and platforms may affect different constituencies/sectors of the business/labor world as well as the economy, how the media portrays them, and what role they will play in the general election. This course is for first-year (non-transfer) students only. Students who are not first-year students will be automatically unenrolled from this course.
Course Attributes: EN S; BU BA; FA SSC; AR SSC

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The Business of Elections
INSTRUCTOR: Malter, Reeves
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