Introduction to Migration Policy and Politics


Migration is a phenomenon in which people, individually or in groups, move from one territory to another. In this course, we will trace the process of migration and discuss the impact of migration on sending and host societies as well as on the migrants themselves. What drives people to migrate from their home communities? What challenges do they face along migration routes? As humans move, languages, ideas, and ways of life diffuse across territories. This diffusion can be integrated into host societies, or it can become a source of tension within the society. What political, social, and economic conditions facilitate this integration or tension? In this course, we will begin to answer these questions through the lens of two primary systems: 1. Central and North America, and 2. the Middle East, North Africa, and Europe. As we study the process of migration, you will work towards a research paper that critically analyzes the migration process using a case of your choice.
Course Attributes: EN S; AS SSC

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Introduction to Migration Policy and Politics
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