Andrew Reeves published in Presidential Studies Quarterly

Andrew Reeves (Professor of Political Science and Director of the Weidenbaum Center on the Economy, Government, and Public Policy) and Jon C. Rogowski (University of Chicago) have been published in Presidential Studies Quarterly. Their new paper, "Democratic Values and Support for Executive Power", can be read here. From the abstract:

"Attempts by elected executives to consolidate power have generated alarm and raised concern about democratic backsliding. We study mass attitudes toward the institutional power of the office of the presidency and argue that individuals' democratic values shape views of executive power. Using data from 26 countries in the Americas and 37 countries in Africa, we find support for our perspective. While supporters of the incumbent president express more favorable views toward executive power, we also show that individuals who express stronger commitments to democracy are less supportive of institutional arrangements that favor the executive. Our results demonstrate that attitudes toward the institutions of government are not shaped only by partisanship and other ephemeral political factors, but also by citizens' core commitments to values over governance."