Students with backpacks walk towards Seigle hall at sunset.

Dan Butler awarded $60,000 Unite America Grant for 2024 Primary Election Study

Dan Butler, Political Science (WUSTL), Sarah Anderson (University of California Santa Barbara), and Laurel Harbridge-Yong (Northwestern University) were recently awarded a $60,000 grant by Unite American for their impactful research studying the 2024 Primary Elections. 

The Primary Election Study (PES) was first funded by a SPEED grant from the School of Arts and Sciences at Wash U. Unite America awarded the professors at an additional $60,000 to supplement the SPEED grant and allowing Professor Butler and his colleagues to lead a collaborative study how voters made decisions during the U.S. Senate primary elections during 2024. In 2024, the PES is studying primaries in California, Nevada and Michigan. The survey will allow the researchers to better understand why some people vote in primaries and others don't and what factors affect their decision-making in primary elections.