Lucia Motolinia

Assistant Professor of Political Science
In January 2022, Lucia will be joining the Department of Political Science.
PHD Candidate, New York University
research interests:
  • Comparative Politics, Electoral Institutions, Legislative Behavior, Quantitative Text Analysis, Regional Focus on Mexico and Latin America
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    contact info:

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      I am a PhD Candidate at NYU’s Department of Politics. In January 2022, I’ll be joining the Department of Political Science at Washington University in St. Louis as an Assistant Professor.  My research tries to better understand how electoral institutions affect political behavior, with an emphasis on the mechanisms driving the behavior of individual politicians and parties. I combine observational data, natural experiments, and text-analysis to study the way electoral institutions affect important political outcomes such as political selection, party cohesion, and distributive politics. My research has appeared or is forthcoming in The American Political Science Review, World Politics and Electoral Studies.