Margit Tavits

Chair in Political Science
Dr. William Taussig Professor in Arts & Sciences
research interests:
  • Comparative Politics
  • Parties and Elections
  • Political Institutions
  • Democracy
  • Corruption
  • European Politics
  • Post-Communist Politics
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    • Washington University
    • MSC 1063-228-207
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    • St. Louis, MO 63130-4899
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    ​Professor Tavits is a comparativist who studies party politics and political behavior.

    Tavits specializes in comparative politics and her research interests are relatively broad: she has studied various issues related to political parties, political institutions, corruption, post-communist politics, and gender equality. While she continues to be interested in these topics, her ongoing research extends the list even further and considers the effects of wartime violence on post-war politics, inter-ethnic cooperation, and women's representation. Some of her most exciting new research ventures into an uncharted territory in political science is exploring how the language we speak affects how we think about politically relevant issues such as gender and LGBT equality, environmental policy, and ethnic divisions.

    Post-Communist Democracies and Party Organization

    Post-Communist Democracies and Party Organization

    Scholars of post-communist politics often argue that parties in new democracies lack strong organizations - sizable membership, local presence, and professional management - because they don't need them to win elections and they may hinder a party's flexibility and efficiency in office. Post-Communist Democracies and Party Organization explains why some political parties are better able than others to establish themselves in new democracies and why some excel at staying unified in parliament, whereas others remain dominated by individuals