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Political Science

Topics in Politics: Theoretical Foundations of the Movement for Black Lives

Political Science 337 - Spring 2021

This course examines the political and theoretical underpinnings of the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement. Through close engagement with primary documents such as the Movement for Black Lives's (M4BL) policy platform, we will trace how BLM builds on, reconfigures, and merges various traditions of radical critique to diagnose and dismantle contemporary structures of anti-Black violence. Since its emergence, BLM and the larger M4BL coalition have articulated an intersectional critique of anti-Black violence, pointing to the specific ways white supremacy, patriarchy, and racial capitalism (among other structures) affect Black populations in the United States and globally. By situating BLM's analyses in the context of Black radical theory and politics, ranging from Black queer and feminist thought to abolition to Black Marxism(s) and anti-capitalism, we will surface the rich historical and theoretical terrain that BLM draws on and contributes to.
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