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Political Science

Topics in Politics: Environmental Ethics

Political Science 338 - Spring 2020

As the human population continues to grow, transforming our climate and consuming the Earth's resources at an ever-increasing rate, conflicts surface over our use of the environment and its resources, our relationship with nature and nonhuman species, and over visions for our common future. Do we owe the environment moral consideration because it has value for us, or because it is intrinsically valuable in itself? To what extent do our obligations extend to other parts of the natural environment? This course examines such questions in light of past and current theories of environmental ethics, and considers what those theories suggest regarding the extent and nature of our responsibilities to the environment. The course also explores how our views about the natural world have changed over time. Topics include: conservation, economic development and the environment, access to and control over natural resources, environmental justice and pollution, and climate change. Aldo Leopold's Land Ethic will also be considered in light of the current debate over how to address climate change.
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