Survey Design and Analysis


Survey research is an important method that political scientists often use to understand people in the world around us. By asking a standardized set of questions to a random sample of respondents, we can make inferences regarding the opinions and behavior of the larger population from which it was drawn. Surveys also offer numerous opportunities for experimental research, allowing scholars to make confident causal claims about the determinants of public opinion and behavior. In recent years, the advent of Internet-based surveying and online recruitment of respondents has "democratized" survey research, allowing many researchers and scholars with limited resources to design and conduct their own surveys from scratch. Surveys are also increasingly conducted around the world, outside of the context of advanced democracies where this method originated. Yet these developments have introduced new challenges in terms of ensuring that inferences drawn from survey research are valid. Topics include sampling, survey modes, questionnaire design, survey experiments, pre-analysis plans, ethics and the Institutional Review Board, and analyzing survey data. Note: This course counts towards the undergraduate Political Methods subfield. Prerequisites: L32 263, L32 363 or equivalent or with instructor permission.
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Survey Design and Analysis
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