Topics in Politics


In this seminar, we will analyze the relationships between economic globalization and technology, and we will pay attention to the role of domestic and international institutions in shaping those relationships. For example, we will examine how technology matters for the distributional consequences of economic globalization within and across countries; how technology creates challenges and opportunities for governments in the regulation of markets; how technological change and economic globalization shape domestic political conflicts; and how institutions structure and channel economic globalization and technological change. We will adopt a broad interpretation of technology, but mostly focus on production technologies, financial market technologies, and transportation technologies. We will discuss domestic institutions (such as property rights and democratic institutions) and international institutions (such as investment treaties, tax treaties, or trade agreements). Moreover, we will examine differences and similarities in the political consequences of international trade and technological change, which both present disruptions to economies and societies. We will primarily read academic papers from political science and economics, and occasionally policy briefs. A basic understanding of quantitative methods is useful, but not required.
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Topics in Politics
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