Letter from the Chair

It is my pleasure to share some news from the Department with you. Last year was challenging, but it was also an exceptionally successful year for the Department. We rose in the national rankings to the 12th place, which is the highest that the department has ever been and makes us the highest ranked department in Arts & Sciences at WashU. 


In addition, our faculty recruitment effort last year was unprecedented in many ways: we made six offers, including two at the full professor level and two at the associate level. Four of the recruits were women, three were under-represented minorities (all of whom were also women). And we landed three excellent new colleagues. Plus, we did all of this in the middle of a pandemic--at a time when we expected not to be able to recruit at all! As a department, we are clearly on an upward trajectory – the direction in which I hope we can continue.


This fall, we are also pursuing some exciting hiring opportunities, which I’ll hope to share soon.


I am so happy to welcome our four newest faculty to the Department: Zack BowersoxDan Butler, Lucia Motolinia, and Anna Wilke. We also welcome Daniel Gibbs and Andrew Stone as our new post-docs. We are fortunate to have such talented colleagues join our ranks! 


We also celebrate the promotion of two of our colleagues. Congratulations to Andrew Reeves on his promotion to full professor and to Keith Schnackenberg on his promotion to associate professor with tenure!


Our department has grown in other ways! In May, Prof. Carly Wayne and family welcomed Ava May Mansfeld. In August, Prof. Will Nomikos and family welcomed Ares Jonah Resnick Nomikos.


We also received the disappointing news that Michael Bechtel will be leaving the department at the end of 2021 to accept a position as a full professor offer from the University of Cologne. We will miss having Michael as our colleague and wish him all the best in his new endeavor.


Before closing, I would like to thank professor Andrew Reeves and Jessica Droege for compiling another exciting edition of the Newsletter. One thing that the Department has always been proud of is our community – the ties we build among our colleagues and students. I hope this Newsletter helps us maintain these ties and encourage you to reach out and let us know how you are doing.


Yours Sincerely,

Margit Tavits

William Taussig Professor

Chair, Department of Political Science

David Carter

Letter from the Director of Graduate Studies

It has been an exciting Fall for the graduate program. We welcomed our second-year cohort to campus for the first time, as we were all remote last year. Additionally, we added a great cohort of first-year students to our ranks, who are now more than halfway through their first semester in the program. It is fantastic to all be back on the Danforth Campus and back in Seigle Hall together this academic year after a year and a half of being mostly remote. In the last year, our graduate students have had a banner year in publishing papers in some of the best journals in political science. Zoe Ang published a paper in the American Journal of Political Science, Jordan McAllister published an article in International Organization with Prof. Keith Schnakenberg, Luwei Ying published a paper in the American Political Science Review with Prof. David Carter and Scott Abramson (Rochester), Jordan McAllister and Afiq bin Oslan published a paper in Electoral Studies, and Ben Noble published a paper in Political Science Research and Methods, to name a few. Our job market candidates have also been having a remarkable year. While it is still early in terms of the market, our job market candidates have already been invited to a number of campus interviews at great institutions, such as Princeton University, New York University, UCLA, the University of Rochester, the University of Texas at Austin, Texas A & M University, Villanova University, and the University of Illinois at Champagne-Urbana. These are outstanding achievements in a difficult job market.

New Colleagues

We are pleased to welcome these new faculty, lecturers, and postdoctoral fellows to the Department of Political Science.

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PhD Candidates on the Job Market

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Faculty Spotlight: Dr. Sunita Parikh

Get to know Dr. Sunita Parikh

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Faculty Spotlight: Dr. Guillermo Rosas

Get to know Dr. Guillermo Rosas

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Awards & Grants

Jeremy Siow, PhD Candidate

CRE2 Grant Awarded a CRE2 Grant from the Center for the Study of Race, Ethnicity, and Equity for his project, "Language of Instruction & Ethnic Prejudice in Malaysia."

Lucia Motolinia, Assistant Professor

Repal Best Graduate Paper Award Won the Best Graduate Paper Award with Repal for her paper, "Cultivating a Personal Vote Can Increase Legislative Cohesion: Evidence from Clientelistic Parties in Mexico."

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Bryant Moy, PhD Candidate

PolMeth Best Graduate Poster Award Won the Society for Political Methodology (SPM) Poster Award for his work, "Responsiveness in a Fragmented Local Politics."

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Christopher Lucas, Assistant Professor

Methodology, Measurement, & Statistics Program Grant Awarded a grant through the Methodology, Measurement, & Statistics Program for his project, "Computational Methods for Speech Analysis," with his collaborator Dean Knox (UPenn).

Lucia Motolinia, Assistant Professor

Leon Weaver Award Awarded American Political Science Association's Leon Weaver Award for the best paper. Her paper is titled, "Geographically-Targeted Spending in Mixed-Member Majoritarian Electoral Systems."

Jim Gibson, Sidney W. Souers Professor of Government

Harold Lasswell Award Awarded the International Society for Political Psychology's Harold Lasswell Award for Outstanding Scientific Accomplishment in Political Psychology.

Andrew Reeves, Professor

David Hadas Teaching Award Selected as this year’s recipient of the David Hadas Teaching Award, which was established by Pamela W. Hadas "to honor and publicly recognize an outstanding tenured faculty member in Arts & Sciences who demonstrates commitment and excellence in teaching first-year undergraduate students.”

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Ted Enamorado, Assistant Professor

Statistical Software Award Awarded Political Methodology's Statistical Software Award for his software, fastLink, with his colleagues Kosuke Imai (Harvard) and Ben Fifield (ACLU Legal Analytics Group).

Gary Miller, Professor Emeritus

Herbert A. Simon Book Award Awarded Cambridge University Press' Herbert A. Simon Book Award for his book, Above Politics: Bureaucratic Discretion and Credible Commitment.

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Congratulations to Dr. Betsy Sinclair for being named as a Fellow of the Society for Political Methodology

Betsy Sinclair

Professor of Political Science

Congratulations to Dr. Clarissa Hayward for being appointed Dean's Fellow for Policies

Clarissa Hayward

Professor of Political Science

Congratulations to Ben Noble for publishing his paper " Energy versus safety: unilateral action, voter welfare, and executive accountability" in Political Science Research and Methods.

Ben Noble

PhD Candidate

Congratulations to Luwei Ying on publishing, "Historical Border Changes, State Building and Contemporary Trust in Europe," with Dr. David Carter & Dr. Scott Abramson (Rochester) in the American Political Science Review. Luwei has also published, "Topics, Concepts, and Measurement: A Crowdsourced Procedure for Validating Topics as Measures," in Political Analysis with Dr. Jacob Montgomery & Dr. Brandon Stewart (Princeton).

Luwei Ying

PhD Candidate

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